Skeeball Game

Hello everyone, me and a few other people are working on a small Skeeball game project. Its going quite well and were making nice progress. We’re still in Pre-Alpha but were getting there, we only have a few mechanics left to finish and we can move to alpha. I have a recruitment post here: Skee Ball Project - Job Offerings - Unreal Engine Forums

It has some pictures on it of the progress but I would like to use this thread to post a video and maybe get some feedback/suggestions and answer some questions if anyone has any.

Here is a video I made, its very short but it shows the progress we made so far:

As you can see in the video you can strafe and you can also turn the camera for a more precise shot, however the ball does not travel at the direction you turn the camera at yet. We have also implemented a score system, but do not have a ball limit yet, so infinite balls can be shot. We also have a charge UI to show you how powerful the shot will be.

There is no sounds yet, we still are looking for a sound designer, so if anyone is interested then please visit the link above.

Thank you and please tell us what you think.

Currently the game only features a score system, were looking for ideas for game modes, if anyone has any please let me know!