Site where you will find all free assets and self store related to UE4 contents made by Community

"One place to share them all ,One place to find them all "

Hi All
I officially announce opening of Community site for sharing asset links free/paid .
If you have asset in your own store like gumroad / sellfy contact me on the official site or comment in this post and i will add them there for free forever , and if you have good reputation on Facebook / Youtube i can give you a moderator account so you can add your asset by yourself whenever you like ,
This site is different than your own blog as its going to contain asset for all the developers which means more traffic,
My goal is to make it one site with moderator account for all developers who sell there assets and free forever .
And i will try to add all free asset published in UE4 forms so you can find all free/paid asset related to UE4 in one place .

<IMPORTANT> This is not store to publish you asset like official UE4 marketplace , its only link to your own store so no direct link will be published and all the link on this site will go to your own page/blog/store .


Link to the site :

Link to the Facebook page :

I will try to add all free assets in my free time while i still alife in UE4 community so have Patience :slight_smile: , its my time to make something useful for the great UE4 community .

[MENTION=8][/MENTION] :slight_smile:

Already it’s looking fairly nice, let me find some more free assets I had no idea existed.

Glad you find it useful :slight_smile:

i dream that one day, unreal engine marketplace will be as good as unity3d asset store :’) thanks for this

I 'm not trying to make it like UE4 official marketplace as that will need a lot of work and people to check the asset for quality setting so i can’t make something like that and no need to as UE4 official MP is already doing great job , my goal here is to make kind of wiki page for all UE4 assets which something official UE4 is not capable of so its kind of different thing but share same goal which is make it easier for the developers to find ue4 assets . and i am with you as i wish unreal engine marketplace contain more assets like unity3d asset store official as it will be good for developers to chose the cheapest asset for them .

This is great! Thanks for putting this together. I see our menu system :slight_smile:

nah dude, i know that is just a website that compiles a bunch of free stuff from community and epic games free content, what i mean is, i hope one day we get a unity3d asset store, mostly, i hope epic games gives community the chance to upload content on the marketplace without too much paperwork

check it after a month and you will see your T-shirts and trousers :smiley: , hope you guys like it as much as i spent time making it .

Wow! thank you this is very usesul.

Hello everyone , I am happy to announce i manged to add almost all free UE4 assets i found since Dec 2016 during my journey to build a site/blog to make it easy for us to find free assets when we make our game ,
Today i manged to add number 100 of free commercial assets made by amazing generous UE4 community which i loved them since day one as they help each other in a way i never seen in any other community as they share their works for free which they spent many nights and days to build it .
I used it to search for free asset during developing my current game and i hope it will be useful for you too instead of searching all around the web for UE4 free content .
Keep up the good work and share the knowledge as its the key to the success we have :slight_smile:


My dream, finally :slight_smile: well i think i dont need to keep updating my thread: Free Community Assets - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums you are my legacy, good job my padawan.

Hehehe :smiley: ,really appreciate your speech thanks , i think i saw your post once but when i made the blog i searched in the forms but i i found "[Community List] Free Software Tools & Resources List " and i thought it is what i was looking for now after you through the link here you refreshed my memory and i found what i was looking for :slight_smile: seems they moderator didn’t pin it in the forms somehow and i don’t know why which they should , you have very good list and most of them i haven’t added them to the site so i will stole many of them later :smiley: , don’t leave your post as i add to my site in my free time in weekends and you guys post was really helpful to me
Learning Templates [Blueprint Power] - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums
Learning Templates [Blueprint Power] - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums
And many other forms

And people can add easily their content in the forms than contacting through the site , so you are the grandpa here :slight_smile: hope at the end we will have one place we can find all UE4 asset without wasting time on searching .

You can add my site to your list if you like :slight_smile: as people look at UE4 forms more than anywhere else :slight_smile:

Thanks for the site. You may consider linking to free resources which are not closely related to UE4. (mexturel databases, makehuman for characters etc)

I will try in the future to add new tap and add what you mentioned once i finish indexing all UE4 related assets .

Thank you for creating this site!

You guys welcome. UE4 community are awesome and they share their work and knowledge for free and this was my gift in return.

nice! hey you can add my asset i gave out free if you want. here is my post about it.

Sure and thanks for sharing, will try to add it.

Hey whats it called? The website? I would like to use some free assets! Thanks