Single sample from stationary lights does not work on Metal

When using single sample from stationary lights with movable actors it does not work at all on high end mobile preview or with Metal forward rendering on ios device.(ipad pro, iphone 6s).

Notice sphere actor at shadows is clearly lit on mobile but shadowed on SM5.

Minimal test project.

Does this need any additional information?

I hope this isn’t forgotted.

From testing this I suspect that it’s not supported for Mobile. I’ve emailed one of our engineers to confirm this. Sorry for the delay. 4.14 issues have taken priority as we’re getting closer to release.

Thanks for reply. Nice to see 4.14 is going well.
I suppose there isn’t anything that prevents it to be supported. Data is there ready for use and Mobile already support stationary directional light with static and cascaded shadow mapping is supported.

Hey Kalle-H,

As I suspected, this feature is currently only set for Deferred only, so that knocks out mobile which uses forward rendering. One of the mobile rendering engineers is looking to see if it’s feasible for mobile. If I hear anything definitive back, I’ll post back here.



I managed to fix this bug. I created pull request to github.


Hi Kalle-H,

I’ve recently made that exact change too ;o). I’ve credited you with the change and it’ll be in for 4.15.


Screenshot of fixed rendering.