Single rotating particle

Hey guys I want to create a sparkle in UE 4.10 particle system. I thought it would be simple but it’s not working out great.

Here is what I did:

I created a particle system that has a spawn rate of 1 distribution of 1 and burst of 1

I gave it a Size over life (which works)

I gave it a Color over life alpha (which works)

I gave it a rotation over life (Doesn’t work). I put rotation point 0 to 0 and rotation point 1 to 360, hoping it would rotate

Also the way the spawn rate works it seems to create 3 particles instead of 1 that overlap even though I just want one particle pulsing and rotating.

I have thought about it and I get why rotation isn’t working, because the particle rotation rotates the particles position but not around it’s axis and I also have thought of a way to “cheat” this in.

But I still don’t know how to get a single particle looping properly.