Single player and Multi player

Hello, I was wondering how, and if i can create a game with multiple modes (single player, co op, and competitive), and select them through the menu map. Is this possible?

Entirely possible.

And typically by the time you can make a multi-player game you have learned all you need to know to make it in several modes.

Start with the simple things and work your way up. You’ll hit snags that make it frustrating but before you know it you’ll look back and realize you already know enough to make the game - but you want to learn this or that to make it more interesting, something else to make it more secure, etc.

Thank you for your response.

To the “How” - multiplayer is a bit tricky until you understand the components it involves.

The listed Multiplayer by Blueprints Tutorial video series is a good place to start on the Multiplayer aspects.
The game you end up with doesn’t function because some changes have been made since then - but if you understand all of the concepts it isn’t difficult to correct.

And if it is very confusing you will know which parts you need to learn to move forward.