Single Layer Water Material Graphic Glitches Vulkan UE4.25.3

I’m having the graphic glitches below when using single layer water shading model.
This is just a newly created material with only the nodes below.
Does anyone know how to fix this or point me in the right direction.
I’m on:
UE 4.25.3
Ubuntu 18.04
Nvidia driver 455.46.02

I have the same glitch in the game. This only affects the water mesh. This glitch occurs only on my redmi note 5. It works well on other phones (redmi note 4, huawei p20, samsung a31). I do not know what to do! Version 4.26.2. p.s. I do not use any 4.27 because it is very buggy and often crashes without errors.
:confused: :sad:

and … now it has become known, on another phone, the same model as mine (redmi note 5), the same glitches are exactly the same. eh… :c