Single frame of blackness during iOS startup

Waited until I was on 4.11 before reporting this.

A few months ago I switched to a white splash screen and white menu backdrop. This exposed a frame of blackness that I don’t seem to be able to nuke. It’s pretty ugly.

Even drawing a full screen white rectangle in void AMM_HUD::DrawHUD() on the first frame (when stopped in the debugger at this point the splash screen is still showing) doesn’t stop it happening.

Known issue? Got any workarounds?

This is still an issue for me and a fairly major one as it’s really ugly.

What am I missing?!

Still happens in 4.12

Still happens in 4.13.

I need a way to transition from the splash screen to something I have control of, seems like a straightforward request so I guess I’m doing something wrong.

And still happens in 4.14.

Anyway to extent the frames the splash is shown for? Or do I need to look at playing a movie?

More likely that I’d just switch to a black intro background and fade in from then but this seems a bit like the dark ages!

Moved to bug reports.

Hey -

What devices have you tested on that you’re seeing this happen? What is the OS of any devices used to test? Also, can you tell me about the project you’re testing with? Is it a code project or a blueprint project? Do you see the same behavior if you load the first person template without starter content onto your device? If so, please also include any setup steps used in your test to help me reproduce the issue locally.

Hi ,

will do. There are probably others with my name but a long time ago I got annoyed creating a hotmail account and there you go…

Thanks for biting, while a small bug in the scheme of things a users expectations are created on entry to the app so anything that can be done to improve the flow is massive.

I’ve attached a small project that should demo the problem. This has a white splash screen and a small C++ HUD class that just renders a fullscreen white tile.

You’ll see there is a black screen gap in between the splash screen and the HUD being rendered - I’m wondering how to fill that gap.

Hopefully the project works for you!

link text

Hi - I got an email with a comment but don’t see it here.

This is iOS specific. The black frames are between the white loading screen and the white in game screen.

Win64 doesn’t have the same problem (though long term I’d like to cover the black screen intro there too).

When I packaged for iOS it asked me to pick a map and I just picked the default map - if you need me to have a look at the uproject and fix this I can do so later today.

Thanks for looking into it!

I removed the previous comment when I realized that you were working with iOS. I will continue to test and will respond here with additional info and/or followup questions.

Might be related to the black screen I get when transitioning from portrait to landscape. Again, lowish priority but another of those little things that make an app less polished.

Hey -

Sorry for the delayed response. After further testing I have not been able to reproduce the issue locally. The sample project provided stays at a black screen on launch when packaged. We will continue to keep our eyes out for this, however I am going to mark this post as resolved for tracking purposes.

Thanks for the response - did you test on 4.14 or 4.15?

Sounds like something went wrong with the test project - it should have transitioned to a white screen.

You should hit a breakpoint in AMyHUD::DrawHUD().

The first DrawItem should be a white tile item. If it isn’t try replacing the function with this:

void AMyHUD::DrawHUD()
	float fCentreX, fCentreY;
	Canvas->GetCenter(fCentreX, fCentreY);
	fCentreX = FMath::FloorToFloat(fCentreX);
	fCentreY = FMath::FloorToFloat(fCentreY);
	FVector2D min(0.0f, 0.0f), extents(fCentreX*2.0f, fCentreY*2.0f);
	FCanvasTileItem drawMe(min, extents, FLinearColor::White);

Hey -

I have entered a report for this issue that you can follow here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-43971) . You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.


FWIW - this is still a bug on 4.17.2 and it is also present on Android.

That is all :slight_smile: