Sincerely Frustrated....(Help)

I have yet to get this Dev kit to work. Personally I don’t understand why we can’t just edit the Original thing like in the creation kit for Skyrim. Like if I wanted to lower the weight of iron armor, geuss what? I lower the weight of the iron armor. No copying, remapping, blah blah. To me it’s a bigger hassle and a waste of time.

I cannot get my mod to cook. I’ve tried
A) Editing the original files - failed
B) Make blueprint based on this and remapping - failed
C) Copy to my mod folder and remapping - failed
D) duplicate, change, move, remap - failed

It won’t cook anything no matter how I do it. I’m soooo tired of it.

can ANYONE help? I am exhausted and have tried every tutorial that I can find…All I want to do is make a dinosaur farm fiber…

A) you can’t edit the original blueprints. They won’t cook out, and will eventually result in a massive amount of issues with your Dev Kit (potentially). If you haven’t already I suggest you read the sticked thread about making a mod & check out the video tutorial they provided for making a mod/cooking it out.

B) You have to reference everything with new duplicate blueprints with your edit changes. Even one missing reference can result in it not working at all.

C) This is the BEST way to do it from personal experience. I’ve found it will properly duplicate when done in this manner. If it failed doing it this way, then I can only assume either you missed a reference somewhere or something else might be at play.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be cooking anything other than possibly a missing reference, and potentially if it is not referenced in the PrimalGameData_BP_Customname correctly.

Check your references and be very thorough about it. I’ve missed things myself plenty of times with new mod ideas xD. Also if you can, try to provide a bit more detail around what exactly happens when you cook.

Me and others can only really speculate what the problem is until we can see the full picture, so that will help us to help you potentially come to a resolution quicker :slight_smile:

PS: I made alot of guesses here due to the lack of info, so they may not be fully accurate once more details are provided

  • Sinari

Thank you very much for responding. Well what I am trying to do is make a phiomia able to collect fiber.

Right now I deleted everything I had for my mod (and re verified catch to catch anything default changed) to start from scratch. I’ve tried several methods but I’ll go with what I think is the best way (again, not really knowing).
I make the Dmg type to collect the fiber by going to the dmgtype folder (primalearth-coreblueprints-damagtypes). I want to keep the Phiomia the same but just add fiber collecting. So I thought I would use create blueprint based on this which creates the child blueprint. I rename and put it into my folder.

I child the phiomia to add the new collection dmgtype to it. Rename, put in my folder. switch out it’s damage type with mine.
Found the harvest components reference the data types. So I child those (create blueprint) and add the dmg type to those harvest resource entry / damage type entry values override and harvest damage type entries sections. I did this to the seed, and the useharvestcomponent ones. copied those to my mod folder.
I found that the bushes and the foliage also reference the harvest components so I do the same with them. from there…I dunno what else needs to be referenced.

Oh, my child phiomia that I created I also went into my Primal game data and went to Remap NPC spawn (Dev kit is loading slow else I’d check the exact wording) to change it from Phiomia TO my new Phiomia. Atleast I thought this would be the method.

I am known for over thinking everything so please assist in what steps may be wrong lol. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Edit: it was remap NPCSpawn entries. Which I failed to mention that I (made a child, copied, remapped those to use my new phiomia). All the spawn entries associated with the Phiomia

Now, what I am also confused on is would this mean only NEW phiomias that spawn will be the new ones or they all retroactively adapt? I’m still kinda confused about all of that.

Before anything else I need to respond and let you know that Verifying the Game Data Integrity via steam will NOT revert any changes you have made to any core blueprints, UNLESS you have already deleted say the “PrimalGame” folder. Only then will it re-download those files and then you will have the originals back untouched and unmodified.

Update: As for the rest of what you said;

It appears as if you are grabbing (I think) everything you would need to make this happen. You are correct on making another Phiomia btw, that is mandatory for making this happen as you do need to reference the new dmg type on the phiomia.

If you are using the remap NPC and setting the From to the Vanilla Phiomia, and the To to the New Phiomia, then it will just simply replace the vanilla ones with the new ones.

Hmm, not seeing anything that’s immediately raising a red flag in terms of problems.

You might hate me for saying this, but I would suggest starting from scratch honestly if you are over thinking it and lost at this point as to the culprit. I had to do that once with Canna-Ark due to me having done the same thing (over-thinking things) and just getting lost in the process haha.

Make sure to use method C if you decide to do this, because that’s the most reliable way to create new clones of vanilla bp’s.


Oh, wow. I didn’t know. I thought it did return to normal values cause I remembered I changed a value to a file by accident. I verified cache and it reverted back. So I figured it did revert them all back.

ok thanks, that’s exactly what I am doing. remapping from the original to my phiomia. So essentially I should only have to remap the dmg modifier to the new phiomia or do I have to remap bushes too? cause that’s where my confusion lies. I don’t know how far down the track I have to go lol. XD

You shouldn’t need to remap bushes at all from my understanding of this since the bushes are already setup to give the items they give. I think it really only needs changes on the Phiomia and DmgType. Not positive though, cause I have yet to attempt this myself. Might fiddle with it myself later to see if I can shine some better light on the issue you are having.

Thanks you very much for helping. Atleast I got a little more insight on how this works then working completely blind. I’ve been going about this for at least 3 days now making no headway. When I think I do I go back to square one. I’ll just keep attempting and trying till I get somewhere.

I read somewhere that if you child something that it’ll essentially use that child over the original but I don’t know. Then I read that you have to remap every single thing that uses it and that’s where my confusing is going. I’ll keep testing and hopefully get somewhere.


I’ve been told that when you subclass (child) anything, compile and save it, then right click the object and click “Reference Viewer”. From there you should be able to see the object’s dependencies i.e everything that the object uses.

@Jay Yardley - Thanks, I knew about that, I just wasn’t sure how far I should go. Like what needs to be duplicated. I know the Foliage settings for Azalea and them reference the seed harvest modifier and that’s where I got…erm…questionable. I started thinking. Am I going to have to copy the bushes and foliage to work this as well? Cause…then I’d have to copy the bushes, figure out how they spawn in then…my head started to hurt.

It’s how far down the rabbit hole I am having a tough time wondering.

This is absolutely correct. Sorry should of mentioned this. Generally speaking though you shouldn’t need to sub-class everything. Only in certain situations such as completely new items generally from my experience

Then there’s also the fact that I have other people’s mods, kinda just searching and I saw the one for colors. Essentially How I am thinking about it is that you would have to make an all colors asset, then copy the Dinos to apply the asset, then remap the respawn to those dinos. But in that mods folder, all I see is the colors. Makes me feel like I am missing something XD

Ahhh ok. Thanks. I’ll just keep playing around with it till I get the handle of it. Atleast I’m getting a whole lot of practice lol.

Wait are you trying to use other peoples mod content by downloading it from the workshop and importing it? o.O

If so, I don’t think that actually will work, could be wrong though cause I haven’t tried.

  • Sinari

NO no! lol, I’m not doing that. I was just seeing what it “cooked out” is all. Getting a “feel” for it. More of a curiosity thing XD

Ahh, I understand what you meant now! I’ve done the same :stuck_out_tongue:

I have another question maybe you or someone can help out with. What all can the Remap NPC and Remap Resource components do? In the primal game data. Is there a way to remap, say, a Harvest component by any chance? lol

WAit, nvm, I think I know what to do from reading another post.

Edit: Bah, nvm =.=;

Remap NPC just simply allows you to take an existing vanilla NPC and replace it with a modified or new one. Same thing with Resource. You also should use these as a way to add new items instead of referencing them via the master item list.

Hope this makes things a bit clearer!

  • Sinari

Thanks. I just wasn’t aware of what was considered a resource. Is everything it shows that can be remapped correct? Or are there certain parameters?

Also, I still cannot get my map to cook. :confused: I’m doing “blueprint based on this when available and duplicate when not” renaming and nothing is showing up as being cooked in the cooked mods folder. (just the mod info and maps + map parameters. other words, no assets).

Edit: Oh, and I did remap my Phiomia in the primal game data but even that is not showing up.