Sincerely Frustrated....(Help)

Very strange issue. Have you ever cooked it out successfully before previously to this?

No, not once, It’s never cooked successfully. I just don’t know what I am supposed to be doing or looking at, at this point.

your best bet is to delete your ENTIRE “PrimalEarth” folder, then re-verify file integrity. Once the download is done, try to cook again before touching any files.

Would you be comfortable with teamviewing with me so I can take a look at things for myself? Either that or you could add me on skype and screen share. W/e you prefer. I’m not sure what to look for specifically at this point, so other than just talking with you over comms and seeing it myself, I don’t know how much I can do.

Feel free to PM me your skype, or whatnot.

  • Sinari

teamviewing? Not entirely sure what that is. I also don’t Skype. :confused:

I’m actually deciding just to give up for the time being. Maybe tinker on it here and there and see if I get anywhere. Thanks for the help though. I’m going to try colors and see if that’s any easier. I want to get back into playing ARK but my obsessing with solving this is getting in the way lol.

Alright :(. Teamviewer is basically a program that lets me remote connect to your computer and “take control” of the mouse and keyboard. It’s a program commonly used for tech support and for good reason, the tech support person is able to investigate the problem with their own eyes and even fix it without having to be onsite :smiley:

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help, and I’m sad to hear you are giving up (temporarily I hope!). Take a day or two to step away from the Dev Kit and revisit the issue? I find myself needing frequent breaks from the Dev Kit at times of stress to keep myself from overthinking/complicating things.

If you ever decide you wanna take me up on that support via skype or teamviewer just send me a PM and we can figure out a time that works for the both of us

  • Sinari

Thanks very greatly for the help. It’s just going to be temp. I just want to go exploring with my hubby again lol. Been spending all my time in this thing XD. My dinos miss me so mush lol.

Edit: Mush?..Much…I need tea…

Haha. Understandable! Go enjoy the beauty of ARK for a bit and come back feeling rested :smiley: And you are very welcome Charis.

  • Sinari

I decided to say screw it with the phiomia gathering. I read (from a DEV) that they are adding a sickle in next week to collect fiber. YES!!!