Simulation physics on compute shaders

I trying to develop train simulator with use build in physics simulation. And I ran into the problem of low FPS when calculating collisions of wheels with rails.

After studying the materials on how physics simulation is implemented in UE, I realized that all physical calculations are performed on the CPU. And the reason that physics simulation has not yet been implemented on the GPU is due to the differences between GPUs from different manufacturers.

I want to try to implement the source code responsible for physical calculations on HLSL (I think this should solve compatibility problems with various GPUs - for now I want to implement this on UE 4.27).

I am a C++ programmer, but I have never encountered the UE source code before. In this connection, I have a question - how can I quickly delve into the source code of UE 4.27, which is responsible for physics simulation, and can one of the UE developers help me quickly figure it out?