Simulating vive hand controller interaction without viveconnected ?!

Hi - I have several students developing content which will be eventually viewed on the Vive.
There is only one Vive for 16 students so students take it in turns to create content and interaction and then preview using the Vive.

In the Vive template, is there anyway of simulating interaction with the first person virtual hands when the Vive is not hooked up ?

If this is not possible and a student has created a first person game - can it be merged with the Vive template or is there a step by step process in the settings preferences and blueprints to implement the use of the Vive hand controllers ?

Not really. If you’re doing motion controller interaction, you really want to do it with a motion controller.

A stop gap would be to use Leap Motion devices, but that only gives you limited hand tracking and it doesn’t have button and D pad inputs like the Vive motion controller does. I would recommend getting 3 more vives so that your 16 students can break up into 4 groups and take turns working with the Vive. You’ll probably want to run a version control system on the VR machines (such as perforce) and students can do their development on clients, then synch their changes to the VR server host to test their updates.

Can you clarify/elaborate on your last question? I’m not really clear on what you’re trying to ask.

Hi Slayemin - thanks for your reply. What I meant in the second question was relating to merging two maps together.
ie. If I have a map created from UE4.9 can I merge the Vive template from UE4.13 with my existing 4.9 map so that I will be able to utilise the motion controller settings (that are in the Vive template that comes with 4.13) ?

No, this generally won’t work. The VR assets are created for UE4.13 and the binaries are tagged with the 4.13 feature set. If you try to open a 4.13 asset in 4.9.0, you will get incompatibility errors (usually incompatible assets won’t show up in the content browser). However, the engine is backward compatible: if you try to open a 4.9.0 asset in 4.13, you won’t have any problems. My recommendation is to upgrade your 4.9.0 project to 4.13 so that you can take advantage of the 4.13 feature set.