Simulating clothing physics even when actor is hidden

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know if there is a way to simulate clothing physics even when the actor is hidden(but still casts a shadow)? I have a duplicate of my character mesh that is hidden, but casts a shadow, but he doesn’t simulate clothing physics. I need this because I can’t cast a shadow from my primary character mesh, because it is modified(head missing).




Try AnswerHub. That would be a better way of getting the answer to you question. Good luck!

Ok, will try. Thanks!

I never got around to posting on here but I was playing around with this today to see if I could get this to work. I’m not entirely sure it’s possible to do a cloth simulation with this (at least not at the moment).

As close as I got with the cloth sim was having the details panel options for for actor Hidden in Game checked and cast shadows as hidden checked. This would cast the shadows but not have a cloth simulation.

When I checked Simulate Physics I was able to get the objects shadow to react but it was based off the cloth sim. So I’m not entirely sure there isn’t a good answer for this at the moment. Post the link to your AnswerHub post here for reference as well and I’ll assign myself to look into this more next week and see if I can get a more resolute answer. Heck, there may be a request in for this already. I’ll gladly see what I can do though! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!

Well checking Simulate Physics isn’t really an option for me, because this is a character mesh, so it has to be controlled. I tried all of the things on the top of my head, but couldn’t find a solution. I’m not really up to making another C++ class to try to solve this with C++(at least for now), because I’d have to learn quite some stuff.

Anyway, I hope you get this solved and implemented in BP, because this could really be useful.

Thank you!

The simulate physics option was more a test that shows a shadow being simulated while the mesh is not visible. There may not be an option for the cloth simulation at the moment and there may be limitations I’m not aware of that prevent it. I’ll look into this though. :slight_smile: