Simulate Crosseyes VR

Is it possible to translate the x,y,z coordinates of a camera lens such that for a normal sighted person you would see what a “cross eyed” person would see?

I’m not actually intending to use it on normal sighted people, but rather individuals who have crossed eyes so that they could see what a normal person sees. I understand that this goes against customary rules of avoiding nausea.

I’d like to be able to apply these translations on the whole lens field, but also apply them on individual objects.

Through some experimentation and help from others I found I could apply some filters on a per object basis using the screen position of the object and applying changes to the object when it was at certain x-positions relative to the center screen, but I could find no way of translating their vertical, horizontal, and torsional coordinates.

My professor was talking about transforming from one coordinate system to another. I am not quite sure whether that’s what you are looking for but still here are his notes. Also you can learn more about these programming tasks - probably there you can also find some answers.

Thank you Alex. I’ll keep this in mind. It looks as if this would be very useful if I were to program on something with more flexibility like opengl than ue4, so I’m going to give that a shot.

Although I haven’t programmed in opengl or anything related to graphics before so I expect this to be an uphill climb for me.

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