Simplest way to string together animations

Hi everyone!

First of all I hope this is the correct section of the forum. I was unsure if this belongs here or into the blueprint section since my question might involve some regular blueprint action as well.
Second of all I am very new to Unreal Engine and especially anything that has to do with blueprints and animations. I am more of a modeller and texture artist myself.

If that is okay I would like to ask how you would go about this:

I created a sci-fi looking drone and added some simple idle animations to it. The scene we have in mind is the following:

Inside a futuristic office: An elevator-like door (only for drones) opens. The drone flies out, crosses the room, stops and now idly hovers over a special desk. After a brief pause some sort of authentification sound or voice plays and the drone opens it’s hatch on the bottom. A small device is getting lowered and put on a specific platform that came out of the desk. Said device is being retracted into the desk, hatch of the drone closes again and it flies off back into the elevator shaft.
We don’t plan it as an ingame cinematic, the player should be able to move around meanwhile.

What would be the simplest way to go about this? Would it maybe be easier to animate all of this as a whole inside my 3d software, load it into UE4 and play it triggered by a trigger box the player walks into?

The rest of the drones in the elevator shaft I would animate as “carts” along several spline paths and they don’t have specific animations to them. In fact I tried this method for the sequence mentioned above but got stuck at the point of reaching the desk.
Since I am very much a noob in this aspect I wanted to ask which would be the best way to implement this small ambient object animation sequence before spending a lot of time on the “wrong” method.
Should I treat the little drone as an NPC and have it fly there to a target point?

Thanks in advance for reading through my entire post and I am looking forward to your suggestions on how to go about this! :slight_smile:

This is my drone btw:

I am not looking for a detailed tutorial on this. I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.

Can all of the above be done using Level Sequences?
So far I have been able to get the animations playing consecutively but I am unsure about how to manage the transfer of the device inside the drone to be part of the desk.