Simplest way to string together animations Nr.2

The more I read into the documentation about blueprints the more I think this belongs into this section of the forum. Sorry for creating identical posts (I am new here so please just tell me where it fits better).

Hi man,
You can easily move your drones around with simple blueprints,
you can easily give them multiple things to do in sequence and in realtime,

Learn how cast to actors, (you can make an actor Drone-Managers that call events on each droid )
Learn how create custom events with input, so you can call an event , “Stop” or “Go in this location” (Learn Enum too is siimple)
Learn to use the node if and Switch on enum (This will make you able to do diffenent things )
Learn to use Array saving thing ( so you can say to your drone, 1 start engine, 2 fly toward location A, fly toward B, play animation “collect object”, fly back home)

Then all youneed to do is get your drone manager,
and make him say to your drones what you want to do,
Reeeeealy basiclyy XD

Thank you Est_engine!
Sorry for the late reply.

Meanwhile I kind of solved it with Sequencer only but for more advanced behavior of my drones I’ll look into your suggestions.
That’s pretty much what I needed. :smiley: