Simplest approach to key "thematic movements" with TimeSynth?

Hi! I’m new at this. For a rhythm game, I want to key beats and bars. I started with a Level Sequencer, then found TimeSynth and it seems a way better approach. Hurray!

I’d also like to key “thematic movements” in a track, so actors can behave differently during the “calm intro” and the “crazy-go-nuts” finale of a song.

My current strategy would be to:

  1. Create a Level Sequence, import WAV, use scrubber to find the time code of a clip’s movements
  2. Plug timecode into spreadsheet, calculate Beat from BPM and time code.
  3. Import into DataTable
  4. Every beat, search DataTable for Clip Name + Beat and emit event if found.

Can you think of a better way? Am I missing something? Thank you!

Let me clear things a bit. Do you want to play some animation within rythmic pattern of random music or one you are importing to sequencer?
Because if you import music to sequencer you will not get sync with TimeSynth, I think. You need to create little music system in empty actor on scene which should use TimeSynth and than sync it with animation by using DataTables, dispatchers or any way you feel comfortable with.
Unreal Engine Livestream - TimeSynth in Blueprints - April 25 - Live from HQ - Unreal Engine Forums Here you can download setup for simple music system.
Keep in mind that TimeSynth starts calculate beats and bars from the moment of activation, this is not obviously when music starts.
I hope I get your question right

I switched to emitting Beat and Bar events from TimeSynth. Yes, that video is where I started to get that working with TimeSynth.

Sequencer above was a throw-away tool just to find the timing of the movements. I’d prefer to just use only one timer: TimeSynth.

I’m looking for a way to key movements in the music that’s better than spreadsheets. So far the best I have is converting the time to a beat, then emitting it on the beat.

Snap! I forgot about that gap between queueing it and when it plays. Thank you!

I don’t see any “Clip Started” or “Clip Stopped” events in the example, so I think I just have to assume it plays on the next bar and start my beat count from that.

Anything I missed?

Do you mean to make markers or cues in audio file?

I’d make them on a spreadsheet. E.g.

Song, Time, Movement
MySong.wav, 0:00, Silence
MySong.wav, 0:05, Intro
MySong.wav, 1:32, Crescendo Maybe you need something like this?

Yes! I’d like those Sequencer events to fire, during the TimeSynth’s playback. I need TimeSynths “beat precision”. I like that video, thank you!