SimpleMoveToLocation Function Replication works with strobe in the controlling machine

Hello, I have a character in a server-client project that can move using normal controls and mouse, everything works perfectly in sync in all the clients. I added a AutoMove option doing a simple click in any available place in the floor, so when you click on any free spot, the character moves to that location using the SimpleMoveToLocation Function. From the point of view of the other clients everything works perfect, but in the user controlling client, the movement is strobed, and the character doesn’t rotate in the movement’s direction. I tried using multicast for the event and doesn’t work either.
I tried possessing the character with the AI controller and using the AI’s Function MoveToLocation and it moves correctly in all the clients, but while moving I lost my camera and the option of rotating the view while moving and all the options from the PlayerController obviously because is now possesed by the AI, so that is not a good option.

Any ideas why in that only case it has an incorrect movement?

Thank you !!