SimpleMove: movement not allowed

Hello ! I’m new in Unreal Engine, still learning. After 2-3 learning project, I wanted to make a top down game that I can select multiple character left clicking and moving it with left clicking. I use SimpleMoveToLocation but it doesn’t work. I have a warning:

Here are my blueprints:


I have an interface shared between the 3 blueprints. I don’t have physics enabled on my character and I have set a NavMesh. I don’t know what I have wrong :frowning:

If you download this sample project from one of the twitch streams, the character moves in a way similar to what you are after and would be a good place to have a look, pull apart and take what you need from.

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Project Download -

I noticed the error messages are coming from TopdownController, but the BP you are showing is called AiController2. Is it possible the errors are not related to the BP you think they are coming from?