SimpleHMD rendering problem

I was able to get the SimpleHMD rendering working on the iOS. However the issue is that UE4 4.7 preview 4 is rendering both the eyes in the half of the screen. See the attached screenshot.


The right half of the screen is rendered black.

Is it too late?

If you look at this function of code in both GearVR and SimpleHMD:

void FGearVR::AdjustViewRect(EStereoscopicPass StereoPass, int32& X, int32& Y, uint32& SizeX, uint32& SizeY) const
    SizeX = SizeX / 2;
    if( StereoPass == eSSP_RIGHT_EYE )
        X += SizeX;

You actually seem to want the the offset to just be SizeX so you can comment out the line: SizeX = SizeX / 2;.