Simple walk into 3D VR world : questions about camera

Hello !

I’m sorry for this extremly newbie quesiton. I’m totally new un UE, I did some tutorial but it’s still hard for me and I don’t find the answer (normally I only work with Blender, but for a work I have to do some things with UE).

I just want to do a VR experience where the user can only watch arround him. I want the camera to move from a point to another, during a couple of minute. It’s absolutly simple !!
But I don’t know how to proceed. I saw tutorials explaining how to do matinee. I did a matinee with the blank template, it works, but I don’t understand if it would works with VR (I didn’t have my Vive yet…). So, do you think it will works with VR (with a simple camera creating with the blank template). Because when I try to do a matinee with the VR template, I can’t choose the special VR camera (HMDLocomotionPawn), there is automaticaly a new camera created. So I can’t animate VR cam.
What do you think of that ? Do you think there is an other simple way to animate my camera ?

Really really sorry for beeing such a noob (with bad english), I’m clearly not a developper, so that’s why a need your help. I’m trying to find the answer by myself and on the Internet, but I didn’t find it…

Thanks !

Hello @dcotecol . You can animate anything, including a simple VR Pawn, using Sequencer (formerly Matinee) or other methods. If you play that with your VR headset on, you will be brought along the scene in a virtual fly-through.