Simple two color gradient that can dynamically change?

Hey folks!

What is the best way to create a very simple two color linear gradient that can be changed dynamically?

I understand that its probably best to use a global parameter to change it.

Have 2 Vector Parameters that control the color plugged into a lerp (Linear interpolation) node. Use a black and white gradient for the alpha of the lerp.

I tried this and it didn’t really work. How am I to gradually increase the effect of one color over the other? Having vector parameters seems to cause some issues

Try using a scalar parameter in the alpha of the lerp. Somehow it needs to be capable of adjusting the transition, so perhaps two lerps would be required. The 2 lerps would probably need to be connected one after another, with a multiplier in the alpha of the first in the sequence of the two. That’d control how much the scaling occurs when adjusting the parameter. And use a divide node somehow to get the transition property set. Is the gradient a certain percentage of transition that isn’t going to be modifiable? Per an example, if it transitions from red to yellow, is the transition area making up 20% of the whole thing? Whereas 80% is complete red and complete yellow?

a - color1
b - color2
alpha - scalar to pick between two

multiply output with whatever texture/gradient you want