Simple Supply Drop Modification

Hey all,

I’m having trouble actually getting a mod to work. For testing, I’ve simply changed the items inside supply drops. That’s all I’ve changed. I didn’t open a level or anything. I’m curious, do I need to open TheIsland, and then do a “Save As” in my mod folder?

I know I’m missing something, I just don’t know how to only modify a few blueprints and push the mod to Steam.

Any help is much appreciated.


If you changed the core files directly, you’ll need a TC to see the results.
Otherwise, you need to create a custom crate and use the remapping option in PrimalGameData.

Okay, so best practice to make sure this isn’t a core modification: I will need to create custom crates and remap to them? That way I’m not modifying core blueprints, just the mapping.

I’m not sure what a TC is, sorry I just BARELY tried jumping into this.

If it’s not too much trouble, can you give me an example of where to find the mapping for the level 60 supply drop?

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the help.

I made children of each of the blueprints IE: SupplyCrate_Level60 = SupplyCrate_Level60_Child, edited the children with the items I want in the drops and it works great.
All of the supply crate files are:

Main crates:




Loot item sets:


Hey thanks a ton for responding! I was wondering if you made the Better Beacons mod when I was reading, then I saw the signature :wink: Kudos to you for all your hard work.

I wanted to let you know, I’m not opting out of using your mod because of any sort of dislike. I simply want to have one mod for my gaming community that does everything we want.

Would you mind if I add you on Steam and ask you a few questions? I’m so new to the visual scripting that it’s hard to figure out exactly what causes things to even function the way they do.

Did you guys figure out how to get a "guaranteed " drop? eg always get some berries rather than rely on 1.0 weight set that doesn’t always fire.

Also I was thinking about simplifying supplies by remapping the doubles to the singles so less blueprints to maintain. … anyone else thinking the same or perceive issues?

There isn’t a way to get a guaranteed drop w/o meddling with graphs (and I don’t know how to use those) or “removing” all other drops.

1.0 weights doesn’t mean 100% chance, it is compared to all other entry weights and then picked at random (for example, 3 entries with 1, 2 and 0.3 weight means a chance of approximately 30%, 60% and 10% respectively). You could set the weight of a specific entry to 10000 (like fibers are for sickle) to make it drop almost always, but that would also mean other entries will almost never drop. And if you set the weight of a whole “set” that high, then other sets will never appear instead.

However, I have read around the forums that there is a graph way to add items to containers post-spawn. This could allow you to specify your desired sets and then add specific items to every qualifying crate.

I’ve got a child level 60 supply crate made, and created a new loot table. I just don’t know how to make the game safely use my child supply crate. What step am I missing to get my child supply crate to spawn?

After assigning appropriate LootSets to your SupplyCrate, all you need to do is go to PrimalGameData and use “remap supply crates”, replacing any and all default ones you want with your variants.
If your definition of “safely” is fully stackable with any other mod, then there just isn’t a way.

Hmmmm, okay. I’m not 100% concerned with stacking as this mod is meant to do all the things we want without any fluff we’re not interested in. By safe, I mean when a patch comes out I don’t have a bunch of people who can’t connect, and thus I don’t get messaged by 100 people while I frantically try to update the mod :smiley:

No, it is safe in that regard. Although you might have to update your supply crates whenever new items are added, but that’s true for any mod.

Awesome, thanks a ton for the help. I didn’t even know the PrimalGameData blueprint(s) existed. That explains a tremendous amount, and also lit a few light bulbs as far as the next few things I want to add to this mini mod.

Hmmm, changing PrimalGameData didn’t seem to do anything at all. I added entries in “Remap Supply Crates”, set “From Class” to “SupplyCrate_Level60”, and set “To class” to “SupplyCrate_Level60_Child”. It’s not using the child for some reason. It still spawns **** loot.

Don’t forget you need to remap both “SupplyCrate_level” and “SupplyCrate_level_double” - the latter can have more and higher quality loot, but the items are the same.
Also, if you’re doing this as a normal mod, you need to copy the PrimalGameData to your mod folder and rename it to PrimalGameData_something-something before cooking.
Any files/changes within the default folders will be ignored unless you cook a total conversion mod.

I’m helpless. I don’t expect you to spoonfeed me every detail on how to accomplish this, and you’ve done a ton already. If you’re up for it, any additional help would be great. Otherwise, I understand. Apparently I just don’t grasp what the process is here.

I’ve started fresh. I created a Level60_Child loot crate by duplicating the base Level60 crate and moving it into my mod folder. I then tried two things: I created a loot table by duplicating the Level60 table and moving it into the mod folder (Put FG_ in front of the name so I’d know which was which), and also tried just changing the loot items directly inside the Level60_Child loot crate blueprint. I then duplicated the PrimalGameData_BP, moved it into my mod folder, and then renamed it to PrimalGameData_BP_FG. Then, I added an entry inside the PrimalGameData_BP_FG file under “Remap Supply Crates”. I remapped both the Level60 and Level60_Double to the Level60_Child.

Here’s what is mind boggling to me. Inside the editor when I test it I get mixed results. Items that are not inside the base loot table for the Level60 crate are spawning (Flak Helmet BPs, Rocket Launchers, etc) in it. However, I’m also getting all the old **** randomly too. I’ve checked the loot tables and all I even had in them was a few entries for testing. When I try to test it locally in-game, the game crashes upon creation. Clearly I’ve completely jacked something up.

Is anyone able to provide any guidance on this? Sorry to be such a noob.

I hadn’t any trouble with supply crates myself. Perhaps using child classes results in using all loot sets? Try doing a copy instead. In fact, you should always copy unless there is a reason you need to use child.

could you give a little hint on where exactly to set or connect “LootItemSet”? iis it a component?
i’m working on a little spawn box, but i couldn’t set it’s default inventory properly yet…

Right inside the crate. Just search for “Loot” in the box on the top, after opening up the actual Supply Drop Blueprint.

i’m sorry, but i don’t get it. on the “lootItemSet_Supplydrop” is the only one i find “Loot”. but still i don’t see how or where this BP links…

SupplyCrate_Level60 calls all 4 lootitemsets - LootItemSet_Level25, LootItemSet_Level35, LootItemSet_Level45, LootItemSet_Level60
SupplyCrate_Level45 calls 3 - LootItemSet_Level25, LootItemSet_Level35, LootItemSet_Level45
SupplyCrate_Level35 calls 2 - LootItemSet_Level25, LootItemSet_Level35
SupplyCrate_Level25 calls 1 - LootItemSet_Level25

Thats why you’re getting items not in lootiemset_level60