Simple solution for lighting in space?

I am creating a game in space, it’s very gameplay oriented so I’m trying to go as minimal as possible with lighting. Essentially I want a brighter skybox and global illumination with as little dynamic lighting as possible. Currently I have a custom skybox with flickering stars, a directional light and a skylight.

  1. Is there a way to increase skybox luminescence/use the skybox as a lightsource that illuminates every object evenly? I considered creating a single light source with a very long attenuation radius but that will apparently demand a lot of power. The skybox is great but way too dimm and I’d like to brighten it up to be more cartoonlike.

  2. What’s the best solution to create as few dynamic shadows and the most universal simple lighting? I want to see more of the skybox sparkling, the ship at the same time and make it all visible in a cartoon like way. Think Mario Galaxy, you don’t get strong light attenuation, dynamic shadows or much going on with lighting. It’s pretty much exactly how I want to light my game. Nice and bright with not too much processing power put into the lighting. Basically want lighting to be a non-factor because the physics based flight model and online functionality will demand most of the processing power.

Also, I’m a noob at this so feel free to criticize or give any feedback I ain’t sensitive. Thanks for any help.