Simple small Grid tile system?

Hey guys, Im new to Unreal and i’m having a lot of difficulty setting up my game map. What im trying to achieve is to have a set of 3x6 tiles, with the first half of the tiles belonging to the player, and the second half belonging to the opponent. The player can only move within the tiles he owns. For any of you that have played the Megaman Battle Network series, its extremely similar to that. Ill post a picture below to better indicate what im trying to achieve.


The purpose of laying out the tiles like this is so that when i create an ability, i can specify the range of tiles it coveres, eg: If i have a grenade ability, it will launch 3 tiles forward. Another eg: If i have a sword ability, it will cut any target 1 tile ahead. This will also be useful to me in the future when it comes to movement, i will only allow my character to move on tiles that are unoccupied. I sincerely apologize if i have left some things unclear, this is my first time using Unlead and is also my first time posting online for help. Ill be happy to clarify any questions or further clarifications. Thank you all for being a great community! :slight_smile: