Simple scene jittery

Hi guys,
very new to unreal engine, and I’m trying out a simple scene I did for archviz on Oculus DK2. When I start and look at one direction it seams ok, but then later when I turn and move a bit (sometimes immediately when I start) it starts to jitter. When I try it in normal non VR mode I get 120 fps. I tried disabling all the effects but it’s still there. Any ideas what could cause this? What other info do you need?


Hm, I noticed this also on several demos on Oculus share website…for instance Mobias demo. It seams Unreal based demos suffer from this, while Unity seams smooth. Is this correct?

Not really sure if this is happens when graphic card is more loaded. Also I’m testing this on my workstation so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Intel i7 3820
Geforce GTX 780

Have you done any optimizations for VR? Mainting 75 fps is hard in VR. Here are some links with optimization tipps from my bookmarks:

Try typing “hmd sp 100” into console. That helped me.

For me it was “stereo on” in command console. Now everything is smooth and perfect!