Simple question on Replication

What does replication exactly do ? i know the basic but my main question is that for example we have set a cube to spin 1 degree each frame and it has a Switch on Authority and only server is spinning it . but the cube has replication checked .now does the server send the exact location and rotation of the cube to client ? or the server is telling the client rotate the cube 1 degree ?

i have this question because i think (maybe because of my lack of knowledge) in terms of optimization the second scenario is much more optimized

thanks for your respond in advance

Alright, You don’t need the Switch has Authority to replicate movement of an actor. You simply need to set the Actor to replicate and place the actor in the world. Switch has authority is designed to run a check to see if the owning player is the server or a client. So the Actor that is NOT being possessed doesn’t need to be checked for authority. I recommend insuring that the Actor is in fact replicated, then simply place it in the world. Then when you load in on any client, it should replicate the movement. However, if you could post a snap of the blueprint code and the Class Settings, I could tell you whether or not its setup properly. Thanks!

A Quick Breakdown of what the different Replication methods mean in a nutshell. (Please anyone correct me if I’m wrong)
On an actor there are 3 Different types of replication methods.

  1. Do not Replicate - This is obvious, it will be placed in the world, however, variables, movements and changes will not be sent over the Server to the Clients. (no update will be performed)

  2. Replicate - This means that if an actor is placed in the world, with “Replicate” set as its replication method, then the settings, variables and movement of the replicated actor will then be updated to all the clients Via the Server.

  3. Replicate on Notify - This means that this actor will only be replicated (updated) to all the clients via the server if Notified. Meaning an event is triggered sending the server a Replication Request to update information of the actor to all clients.

Hope this makes Sense!