Simple question (Dynamic Material)

The XYZ is RGB.

How can I make it choose RED, GREEN, or BLUE only? Meaning 1.0.0 | 0.1.0 or 0.0.1 (I do not want random in range)

This question makes little sense at the moment, sorry. What is doing the choosing part? What is responsible for picking the colour?

It’s simple, the make vector node is choosing the color. (I have it so it changes each time a bullet shoots.) And I want the bullet color to either be RED, GREEN, or BLUE.

each time a bullet shoots

That’s what I did not understand. Try this:

Modulo will wrap the ever increasing value and Select node will pick colour.

Or the the bottom bit if you do not wish to use modulo:

Essentially, every time you pull the trigger, you’re sending the material a new colour value.

Gotta make it a dynamic material too, right? Remember who you’re dealing with. And @fabulous_hotdog, it’s pretty unfair to down-vote someone who is taking time out of their lives to help you, a nobody to them with a question they don’t need to answer.

Here is a video that shows the background you need before you can do what @Everynone is suggesting (which is correct, by the way). Intro to Materials: Dynamic Material Instances cont. | 10 | v4.0 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Just realized that for something this basic you could just create material instances, set their colors, and then apply one of them to the mesh based on a random int. Everynone’s way, you could be changing the color as they fly through the air but that might be overkill for your needs, work-wise and processing-wise.