Simple particle that starts with random direction along 2 axis's and shoots off with a set velocity

I’m trying to what I thought would be a simple particle.

  • I want all particles to start from the same point
  • Then along only the X and Z axis, pick a direction, ala a rotation
  • Then shoot off with a uniform velocity along that direction.

I seem to keep hitting an issue whereby if I pick a random vector between -1 and 1, which means when the velocity scale or anything else is applied it may be scaled back to be slower.

Its like I want the particle to fan out like on a clock face, and each particle is at the same speed.

I feel as if I’m missing something really simple to be able to do this, and I’m going through tutorials and documents but just keep finding things that demonstrate either cones or lots of particles and each of those are at different velocities :woman_shrugging: