Simple parallax scene

Hi guys,

I’m new comer in VR/AR. I usually work on visualization on C4D, but i want to do some real time scene with the engine.

I would like to track my head position like this:
And remote the cam in the scene.

Do you know any tutorial or any tips?

Thanks a lot for your help,




I used a kinect V2 to track the head, with the plugin kinect4unreal:
Then I added this plugin to change the “lens shift X,Y” with some formulas, like this the view frustum plan stay at the same place

Run on 4.18.3

Hi, axl-l!
You could use Kinect2 for head position tracking. Kinect2 gives you 3d-coordinates of a head position in meters. It’s very precise and fast but it not for free. As alternative - OpenCV face detection and template matching algorithms. Much more painful way imho.

Hey Plastik21,

Thanks for your response.

I just bought a Kinect V2, I still need to modify it to get the connexion to the PC.

I’ve read that the camera need a “camera projection matrix” in order to have a good illusion.
I found some stuff on Unity, but not on Unreal.

Do you know a bit about that?



Found this topic, but not clear enough for a noob like me…

What I’m looking for, fixing the camera frustum:

Seems to have a function in unity, but cant find the equivalent in unreal.

Thanks for your help


Hi @axl-l how did you figure out the formula for the lens shift?

I’m trying to do the same thing, I’m already tracking the head position and the screen but I can’t figure out the right way to keep the view frustum plane fixed using the fantastic perspective plugin, can you point me in the right direction?

I have my camera position set to a fixed distance away from the target, and the target remains fixed, and I’ve downloaded the perspective plugin but I don’t know how to figure out the proper ratio to shift the plane by.