Simple Object, VR interaction with bones. Stuck at rigging/importing to VR

Hello everybody,

I’m pretty much new to the whole rigging and animation theme of UE4. I’m working on a VR-Project right now and I got this (for my understanding) pretty simple task I am not able to complete.

Imagine the following scenario:

There’s a room with a table, on top of the table there’s a typical reading lamp, consisting of a base, connected to two arms and the lamp itself at the end of the second arm.

What I want to do is, in VR, grab the head of the lamp, pull wherever you want, let go of it and it stays there.
I am not able to get this system to work. I started thinking about how this could be done in UE4 and stumbled across bones and IK. So I’ve started setting up bones and solving IK in 3DS Max and it does exactly what I want. I can grab the head, drag it around, all the bones are moving in a logical matter. Everything is fine.

Now I’m stuck on how to bring this functionality into ue4. Can somebody help me with this? Am I thinking to complicated? May there be a easier way to achieve this functionality?

Your help or comments are much appreciated!

I have moved your thread to the “VR & AR Development” section as it is primarily to do with VR.

It’s not a VR question as far as i understand. Try FABRIK (FABRIK | Unreal Engine Documentation) and/or probably physics.

I have been trying to do exactly this. Did you find a way? Did FABRIK help?