Simple move to doesn't work with spawned actors

so i made a controller blueprint with right mouse button tracing
and a character blueprint with simple move to function
i connected them with an interface
so the problem is that manually placed characters move just fine, but ones that i place with “spawn actor from class” just don’t want to move

When you use SpawnActorFromClass to spawn an AI pawn you only spawn just that, a pawn. You’d need to spawn a controller as well and make controller posses the pawn. However you can also use SpawnAIFromClass to spawn your pawn and a controller will get automagically spawned and posses the pawn for you, just like a hand-placed AI pawns do. You declare control AIController class to be used in pawn’s default properties.



Does simple move to actor work with without a navmesh? How would I make my enemy AI simply move to my player’s position WITHOUT a navmesh?