Simple monoscopic 360 rendering possible?

I am trying to render some UE4 projects in 360 so we can put them on Youtube.

However, all current 360 stereoscopic render workflows seem not to be working at the moment.

Although stereoscopy is essential for VR, for 360 Youtube it is not necessary so I am wondering if it is possible to easily make a 360 monoscopic render.

I tried setting the camera to a 360 degrees fov but that does not work.

Does anyone have a working workflow, or have some hints and tips in what direction to look?

Hi, I think you should go look here : Setting up Unreal Engine 4 for 360 Panoramic Rendering - YouTube here :
It’s working for me :slight_smile:
GL :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! It looks like a complicated solution but if it works it works right?

I was just wondering if there was a simple way to do monoscopic rendering in UE4 as I think it should be way easier and faster to do than stereoscopic.

Small bump

Has anyone tried 360 monoscopic rendering their Unreal projects? Would be an awesome tool to promote projects on Youtube.