Simple Local Multiplayer Framework

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d make short series of videos showing how I approached the process of making a framework for my and my team’s local multiplayer game called “Turf Wars” that we’ve been working on for a while. I felt like there wasn’t much focused information about this specific topic so I thought I would share what I learned from all the pieces of information through a couple of videos.

Part 1: [video]Unreal Engine 4 Local Multiplayer Tutorial Part 1 - Spawning Players - YouTube

I basically cover how I approach adding the extra players to the game, and making them be able to use gamepads to control their own characters.

In the next part, I will show how I made a camera system that tracks all the players, and zooms in and out depending on the distance between the players.

Hope this can be helpful to someone who wants to make a simple local multiplayer game!


Part 2 is up!

I cover the process of setting up a top down camera that tracks players and zooms in/out with panning depending on the position of the players.

Hope these short series helped anyone out there!

Nice work!

The game looks great, these tutorials will surely help many!

Keep it up and good luck!

Thanks alot! :smiley: