Simple HMD Plugin + Oculus Audio plugin make Packaging fail! CV1

For an VR Oculus Cv1 project i need 3d sound. It works perfectly with the Oculus Audio Plugin. But when i package the project it will crash and stop packaging because the plugins below are on!

My game will only succesfully package when i have the following plugins Off.

  • Simple HMD
  • Oculus Audio plugin (needed for 3d sound! I need this plugin really hard!)

This means i cannot use 3d sound anymore and i cannot manage camera’s anymore, direct the face directions. Now the camera’s Always face wrong directions. See for that problem here:

AFAIK, SimpleHMD doesn’t really work at the moment. Try disabling that.

What do you mean by AFAIK? And What is Simple HMD for? Even with only the Oculus Audio Plugin on, the packaging crashes.