Simple floor reflections?

Well, I’ve been trying to make simple floor reflections like the one’s in UE3:

I used a Scene Capture Cube + Render to Texture and a Material with ReflectionVectorWS -> UV of Render to Texture.

This is the result:

What the hell happened? The reflection is outside of the mesh/visible area + its huge. It should be right beneath the actual cube mesh!

UE4 doesn’t have the ability to do reflections that way yet. The closest you can get in that situation is screen space reflections. For that specific object it will render the way you want.

You have to make a blueprint that makes the capturecamera follows the camera, but with the Z axis in negative.
It can get very slow, so you have to make sure the capturecamera doesn’t capture every tick. Maybe every 5 or 10 ticks if you want to have realtime updating reflections.

Wait WHAT? That is… certainly uhm yeah. Any ETA or plans for realistic reflections? Even if its not for realtime, I just need that for a good render and SSR are not that good in quality :confused:

Hmm seems like the only solution atm. Performance is not an issue since I just need it for a short render.

FYI, I want to recreate this image, it looks just beautiful <3

i am new to ue, could you explain me how to do this? Would really appreciate it

he posted the blueprint too in the comments section