Simple FBX import problem

This import problem is present in at least 4.7.6 and 4.9.0. Never tested 4.8.x

Below: Inside Blender with normals on faces (you can check vertex normals, they look fine as well)


Inside UE4


Wireframe view in UE4, an issue is apparent… face not connected in the top left?


Created with Blender 2.73. Exported as FBX Binary 7.4, 100 scale, X forward, Z up. Mesh was created by creating a plane, scaling it, and subdividing it.

.BLEND filetype is invalid for attachments so I put it and the FBX in a zip file.

[Download me here][4]

PS: I can’t upload a PNG named “ue.png” I don’t know why.

Not sure how to do this in Blender but I had a look at the fbx in Maya and got it working. I had to freeze the transforms of the mesh to reset scale etc back to default before it would work.


That’s what I got from importing the mesh into maya and it didn’t work in UE4.


So I Freeze Transforms and reset everything and it works.


Never mind I figured it out, select your object and apply Rotation and Scale. This will reset both!