Simple AnimNode crashes game when packaged, but works in editor and stand-alone


This is a follow up to a previous post:

I was able to reproduce the issue in a much simpler setup (see attached) - in this case, I have a Runtime module and Editor module to hold both my custom AnimNode and AnimGraphNode, respectively. The AnimNode in this case doesn’t really do anything either.

I created a AnimBlueprint (test_anim_bp) that references the AnimGraphNode accordingly. Running the game in the editor or via stand-alone works as expected.

Running the game as packaged, however, results in an error similar to what I reported previously:

[File:D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.16+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\UObject\Private\UObject\ScriptCore.cpp][Line: 435]
 Unknown code token FF
                 Script call stack:

At this rate, not sure how to package this project - if anyone could take a look at the sample project i’ve attached, I’d be super grateful (4.47 MB)


Ah figured it out - this was a case of assigning the same name to my AnimGraphNode’s Output Pin as the Input Pin. Doing this causes the packaged build to crash everytime. For some reason, editor build or stand-alone-game modes don’t seem to mind as much.

In case of the example project I provided - the fix for this is to simply change the AnimGraphNode’s Output Pin name accordingly. Open up “AnimGraphNode_TestAnimNode.cpp”, and inside the function “CreateOutputPins”, try changing the name to something else - such as “Output Pose”.

Rebuild the editor. Before running it though, make sure you delete the “test_anim_bp.uasset” file, otherwise the editor will crash. You’ll have to create a new one from scratch to test the anim node.

Create a packaged build, and try running it. Should work this time.