Simple AI not working?

Yea I’ve made this simple thing and doesn’T work for some reason? any ideas?


Hi, you don’t have any movement component in your pawn. You could add e.g. FloatingPawnMovement or use character instead of pawn.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. I’ll jsut try

Hi, I’m Try_Another. I’ve just added floatingpawnmovement and It didn’t work. It seems we have to do in hard way. thanks and have fun! :smiley:
jokes aside ty I knew something is missing

Not sure from your reply whether adding FloatingPawnMovement worked :slight_smile:

If that did not work (you still need some movement component like FloatingPawnMovement so you need to keep that), additionally:

(-) check that you’re navmesh is correct (that your have it where you want your AI to move), by pressing ‘P’ in the editor you can show the navmesh Navmesh Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation

(-) check your blackboard keys / behavior tree while it is running (if you open your behavior tree (like in your second image), then while the game is running you can see which branch it is currently executing and also what values the blackboard variables currently have)

(-) AI debugger AI Debugging | Unreal Engine Documentation

(-) And ofc prints in your code, like in your third image printing the ReturnValue of GetRandomPointInNavigableRadius to see whether it finds any