SIGSEGV UE4.6.1 OSX 10.10.1 on Play

Every time I Play in “Standalone Game”, or “Mobile Preview” I get a crash upon starting which I’ve included as a gist here:

It works fine in PIE, it also works fine when running

Hi schetle,

I wasn’t able to reproduce any crash using Standalone Game or Mobile Preview in 10.10.1. Does this happen in a new project as well, or only in your current project? Please zip and attach the crash log for the project.


Seeing as how every time I tried to attach the zip, this upload procedure gives me “No such upload” - I’ve included it as a dropbox link here:

In the editor log (the magic line, right before the dump), it looked like it was being caused on the initializer for my Character class. I’ve since changed the initializer and don’t get the crashes anymore. The only things I changed had to do with playing around with default settings on the capsule and mesh components, such as simulate physics. I can’t imagine a typo would’ve gotten through the compile process, but I’ve seen weirder things.

Do you know specifically what you changed in your initializer that stopped the crashes from occurring?

Hi schetle,

Thanks for letting us know that changing the initializer fixed your issue. If you continue to experience crashes in the Standalone game or Mobile preview please hit the “Submit” button on the Crash Report pop up window and let us know by updating this thread.

My train of thought was that I could default the rotation of meshes generically on all of my Character subclasses (Player, NPCs) - as all of their meshes were centered in the capsule, and their rotation was off by 90 degrees. I wanted to do this so I didn’t have to change the blueprint subclasses if it could be done generically on the backend.

I had set the Mesh component to a negative Z on location, and slightly different rotation on the Character initializer.

I tried duplicating what I did before, and while it’s a separate issue that my values aren’t sticking when I blueprint off my Character class - it’s not giving me the desired error when I Standalone play or Mobile Play.

In retrospect, I probably should’ve made a copy of my project that was causing issues and worked on a different version since I wasn’t sure where the error was happening. I wasn’t aware of the particular crash log that tipped me off to it being the initializer, or I would’ve been able to identify it easily.

Next time! shakes fist

Hah, that’s okay. If you see that crash again, let us know what code caused it if you can. Glad you got it fixed, though!