Significant jump in Material file size when creating Decals

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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When bringing in custom textures for decals 1024 x 512 the PNG file size is 706kb I made material and created a decal actor, and the file size jumped up to 20.691 KiB +, I placed an asset billboard Salty Shores in my scene which came with a decal prefixed I looked at the amount of memory that the billboard was using and it is only 4.089 KiB. Is there a way to optimize the process to bring it down from disk size 20.691 KiB?

Steps to Reproduce

1 ) create a 1024 X 512 PNG
2) port it into UEFN
3) create a Material, set it to Deferred Decal for Material Domain, blend mode to Translucent, then save
4) go into the contents folder, select the updated Material, and click on the white box with the green plus sign, then go to visual effects in the drop-down and choose Decal Actor from the menu.
5) a green outlined box will appear in the scene then select the movement tool so you can place the Decal onto a wall once you have resized the decal and saved the project give it a few seconds for UEFN to catch up.
6) then go into the content browser and hover over the material that you placed in the scene to see if your disk size for the material has jumped up considering that Salty Shores’ entire billboard size

Expected Result

I wouldn’t have thought the file size would have jumped up so much considering that Salty Shores’ entire billboard size with its decal baked in is only 4.089 KiB is there a way of reducing it from 20.691 KIB

Observed Result

a significant jump in file size


UEFN on a PC