Sight perception no longer works

Local sense successfully sensed doesn’t work properly as it is detecting false all the time even though I am as the player infront of the AI.
Radius - 1500.0
Lose Sight Radius - 2000.0
PeripheralVisionHalfAngle - 45.0
Auto Success Range From Last Seen Location - -1.0

Hi, what you’re doing above will result in unpredictable behavior for two AI or more than one pawn for the AI to perceive.

You’re looping through all updated actors (those may be other pawns or other AIs, so everything that can be perceived not just the player pawn) and then you’re assuming that each of them is the player pawn and use the SuccessfullySensed for that actor which may be anything. So if the AI looses sight of another AI, then you set CanSee to false, same if it starts seeing another AI you set CanSee to true. And you do the same for all other senses. So if it starts/stops hearing something then you use the last value of the sight sense (which may be true or false here). So you need some check whether what it perceived there is the player or not (e. g. cast the perceived actor to your player character class and only continue if that worked) and you should keep in mind that your logic will be called from an update from any sense, not just the sight sense.