Side view spoiling an emiisve texture

Hi I have a gun with emissive texture on its sides.

The problem is when i view it from an angle the emissive part doesn’t look good at all.

Are there anyways to solve it



The gun is low poly around 300 triangles.

What is the size of that weapon? It looks like it is too big so mipmapping is taking place in the distance. Scale it to a normal weapon size and see how it looks.


Tried… Having the same problems. If there is not way to solve it, I think retexturing it is the only solution.

Can increasing the texture resolution or something work?

Someone should correct me if I’m wrong (which I probably am) but the glow that emissive produces is a post process that probably uses the view angle to the normal (might even be geometry normal) have you tried giving some shape to the mesh so that the lighted bits stick out so that you have parts with an angle that are perpendicular to the camera direction (or at least less parallel).

The error was due to texture LOD settings. I had no idea something like that existed. Solved by making the texture LOD settings of the materials used in the guns to weapon.