ShowdownVRDemo viewpoint runs along the ground

Previous installations of ShowdownVRDemo had the on-rails viewpoint at head-height. A new installation with Win10 on an otherwise well-performing system has the viewpoint trailing at ground-level.

Looking down in the Rift shows what’s under the tarmac, looking up shows the action.

I’m not a developer, but would like to be able to reinstate the correct view - any thoughts appreciated.

(Unreal 4.10.0, Win10, Oculus Runtiume, nVidia 359.06)

I’m having this issue too and I haven’t been able to figure it out.

Have you got your sync cable connected from the magnetic tracker to the headset cable? I had this trouble - I couldn’t move my head around I think rotation worked but not translation - and translation was locked in a strange position (not the floor though). I wiggled the sync cable and it started working - i hadn’t used it for a while.

There is a blueprint you have to change. I did it a while back but I honestly can’t remember what it was. It is normal though I think its bugged for everyone as of 4.10.