Showdown VR Released for Free! - Live at Epic HQ

Ray , Whiting and Donaldson join on the livestream to discuss the creation and release of the exciting Showdown VR demo, available now for free. Before now, the only way to see Showdown was at industry events where demand was high, lines were long and demo slots often sold out. Now you can experience it in the comfort of your home or office!

Thursday, Sept. 3rd @ 2PM ET - Countdown]



  • Community Manager - ]()
    Ray - General Manager - @EpicRayD](
    Donaldson - Sr. Designer
    Whiting - Lead Programmer

Have questions for the team? Let’s hear em!

Edit: The YouTube archive is now available here](Showdown Released | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube)

Seems I just needed to quit and restart the launcher a few times before it showed up on the Learn tab… XD

Can you please make a bug report for this on the answer hub? That way we can make sure it gets looked into by a technician. Thanks!

right of course.

Awesome, time to learn from the pros!

This is brilliant! As you can see on my post in the VR dev section I made a massive blunder by having a dodgy sync cable from the tracker, but this is fab - great materials on the shop windows - I must see how you did that.

Have you set any switches or settings to get the performance? I’ve been experimenting with a game i’m working on and I can’t escape the judders - are any of the new 0.7 features enabled?

Where is the download link for the demo?

sorry i got the same prob i dont see any download link, i mean not to sound (how to say that lol… greedy??), but in my e-mail it said “availible now” ^^

thank you.

I also had received an email telling me that there is a free download as well as all the assets but no link to it or them. I have also seen many forums where people claim to love it and others keep asking for the link with no responses. Where are these people finding the link?

Nice! Should be a fun stream. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you guys read the e-mail carefully but Showdown demo is the Learn tab of the Launcher :slight_smile:

It’s in the launcher’s Learn tab. It won’t appear until you refresh the launcher by closing and reopening the launcher.

You guys are the best! I’ve been dying to try Showdown since OC 2014.

All of the Nicks! Looking forward to this. Aren’t there any more Nicks by the way? Feels like there should be more of them…

Other Epic Nicks: Darnell, Atamas, Bullard-Bradley, Penwarden… The list goes on

Sweet, time to download this thing and tear it apart… find out what VR enhancing modifications the the engine there are :smiley:

So where do you download it? Can’t find it anywhere! Looked in marketplace, no link in the OP, nothing…

Its in the learn tab, as are all of the Epic demos

Well then, at some point we’ll want to see a special twitch stream with Nicks only.