Showdown Cinematic VR Experience Released for Free

Showdown Cinematic VR Experience Released for Free

Our premier VR experience takes you through a cinematic, bullet-time inspired action scene. Showdown took Oculus Connect, GDC and SIGGRAPH by storm, and now you can download it for free, including its entire Unreal Engine 4-based content library!

The interactive demo is compatible with Oculus DK2 and up, Sony PlayStation Morpheus and HTC Vive SteamVR.

**The project and all assets are available for download immediately through the Learn tab on the Epic Games launcher. **

For insider details on the development and optimization of Showdown, see Voices of VR Podcast #169 and “Optimizing ‘Showdown’ for 90 FPS” on Road to VR](

Looking to catch up with us at future VR events? A few of our upcoming stops include the following.

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Sept. 3-4
Immersed Europe
Speaker: James Golding

Sept. 23-25
Oculus Connect 2

Oct. 28
Speaker: Nick Whiting

Nov. 9-10
VR Intelligence
Speaker: Tim Sweeney

Feel free to stop by our VR forums to provide feedback and to chat with other developers. We’re interested to hear about what you’re creating and how we can help.

Tune in to on September 3rd @ 2PM ET to hear the team talk about its creation and the release! More info here.

One word: Finally! Thank you :slight_smile:

That lens flare ruins it. Just get rid of it.

I can create the project. However when I open it to run it, it just stays at 95% loading. Is there a compiled version that I can use my oculus to enjoy with?

Can agree with the above poster…Gets stuck at 95% when loading the project :frowning:

It does appear to be stuck at 95% for a while due to load time, but tried on a machine with an SSD as the primary drive and it does come good. Haven’t been able to make an executable build yet though. Fresh install of 4.9

Can confirm it does run if you select Play from the editor and set to Standalone Game. Rift DK2 in Direct HMD access from apps mode.

Very nice. :slight_smile:

(For the record, running on Win 8.1, core i7-4790k 16gb ram, GTX 970, SSD)

I remember the Kite Demo took about an hour to open the first time on a fairly beefy machine.

Showdown just opened the moment I hit reply.

I can open the project but when I try to package it fails,…

I had the same problem. This should fix it:

Search for the blueprint “SurroundPanner” and in the “Event Graph” connect the output of the “Get Player Camera Manager” node with the inputs of “GetWorldRotation” and “GetWorldLocation”, recompile and save.

That worked! Thanks!

Maybe a stupid question, but where is the download?

What do I need to do to get this to start up in the DK2? When I run it just runs it in normal mono and never activates the Rift. Does UE4 and this demo not work with Oculus 0.7?

Hi, this is my “Twilight Enhanced” render :slight_smile: … You can download the high quality 1080p MP4 Here:!dFwXXZiK!7B3KqVP3DD1lILTWxNdBa1OpvlT1Pp7AK-f6eN60lUU

Wish I had a card that could render and capture this at 4K in realtime :slight_smile:

Hi John, I’m running this very setup on windows 10 and it works well. Have you selected VR preview when you run it?

Nvm, found it. Checking it out now :slight_smile: In 4K ^^

In the launcher, look under the learn tab.

Anyone notice (or know how to fix) that the soldiers weapons are not firing in VR? The soldiers fire in the OP video above but not in my packaged build.

From the Play icon dropdown - choose VR Preview.

Hey guys! Look at shop windows in this demo - there’s a very interesting trick with multi-layer materials for making flat surface appearing like it has some geometry inside (like a hologram).