ShowDebug Animation - other characters?

Hi there,
ShowDebug animation is a great debug tool, but it seems to default to the player controller’s character as the ‘target.’ I was wondering if there is a way to force it to show debug information for a character other than the player. I would love if it could somehow be tied into the ’ key’s AI debug target, since generally they are closely tied. I would also accept any other answer that allows me to see another character’s anim states clearly on screen.


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Hi Jeremy,

To view the debug animation for another character, you need to use the viewactor ExampleCharacterID command. Hovering over an actor in the World Outliner will show you its ID Name (usually ExampleName_C_#).

If you need to maintain control over your player character while viewing the NPC debug info, the only workaround I’ve found is to launch with 2 players from the PIE dropdown while using one window for debug and the other for controlling a player character. If you’d like, I can put in a feature request for a way to view debug info without forcing the camera onto that character.

-Matt W.

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Hi Matt,
Thanks this is a great workaround! I had no idea about the viewactor command, that would be great to have in the already existing animation debug documentation related to showdebug animation.

I’ve gone ahead and logged two feature requests for this. One is a documentation request (UEDOC-2224) and the other is for a simple way to view debugging info on NPC’s without taking camera control off of the player (UE-19675).

Thanks for reporting this!

Hey Jeremy,

Got a response to this bug about a console command called “ShowDebugForReticleTargetToggle DESIREDCLASS”. It can also be used to target specific BP Actors where “SUBCLASS” is the BP name: “ShowDebugForReticleTargetToggle DESIREDCLASS[SUBCLASS]”

I’ve been using it in my test level by targeting “Character[TestCharBP]”. When using this in conjunction with “ShowDebug Animation”, it will show only the debugging info for the last “TestCharBP” that was centered in the screen.

Hope that helps out.

-Matt W.

Absolutely, feel free. Thanks for asking.