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The Showcase Viewer allows you to create beautiful renders with ease. No complicated setup for lightning / post-process required - everything is already setup - simply import your assets and you are ready to go. Utilizing the power of Image Based Lightning and extended Post Process effects it is made easy to tweak the look and feel of your assets.

Create stunning high-resolution renders of your assets with a single click. Six environments are already setup to display your assets in different lightning scenarios for testing purposes and renders. The preset functionality saves your current setup and can loaded at a later point - this makes it easy to test different assets under the same lightning conditions.

**Screenshots **(click to view in full resolution):






Note: The meshes displayed in the images are not part of the package and are NOT included. This Blueprint is intended to create high-quality renders of your own assets for showcase / portfolio purposes.

For updates see this post.

[Reserved for future updates]

#Update 1

Status: In Development

The first update will include these changes:

  • New Sequences with more advanced options for turntable animations (currently only a 360 degree turn is included)
  • More options for background color (3 and 4 color gradients)
  • Basic volumetric fog / Volumetric Haze (like Marmoset has)

If you have any suggestions for you want to see added to this - just let me know!

The project is now live on the marketplace:

Looks great, man!

Thanks :slight_smile: Always nice to hear!

Having a few problems with movement can’t get it to do anything and it looks like there are a few input warnings in the blueprint?

Epic published the project without the config files (in the Launcher it was showing up as “Add to Project”). This is now fixed and in the launcher it should now show up as “Create Project”. Please create a new project from it. Input should now work as expected and the warnings should be gone.

If there are any further issues, please let me know.

Quick note: The Showcase Viewer is compatible with 4.13 - no update is necessary.

The Showcase Viewer is now on sale for 25% off:

Showcase Viewer is now on sale for Cyber Monday (50% off! )

The Showcase Viewer is part of the Holiday Sale and is currently on sale for 50% off!

How do I add my assets be placed in the viewer? All I see is the metal ball :confused:

You need to replace the mesh inside the Showcase Viewer Blueprint. Just replace the metal sphere with your own mesh.

Inside the Content folder you also find a tutorial Blueprint (created with the UE4 tutorial system). This tutorial explains how to use the project including how to swap out the sphere.

Any word on 4.19 and Mac compatibility?

I would like a comprehensive way to record a video of a turntable in a sequencer with the showcase viewer. not working so far. do you guys have tutorials on how to create a video with the showcase viewer? The product description talks about video creating. yet as of now, nothing works.