Show off your VR projects at the VR Slam after Gamescom

Hey VR devs, designers and enthusiasts,

we, as the organizers of the biggest Germany-based Cologne VR Meetup (, would like to invite you to participate in the “Virtual Reality Slam” at our 3rd meetup taking place on Sunday August 17th at 8 pm, just right after Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

We want to invite teams from all over the world working on VR to present and demo their work in VR games, movies, experiences and so on! After the pitches and an extended demo session everyone attending will vote to determine the overall winners.

To participate in the “Virtual Reality Slam” at least one team member has to register to this meetup event and submit a short pitch on the meetup board including a demo and/or gameplay video until the deadline on Augst 11th.
Every meetup member will then be able to participate in the ensuing poll that will determine the 5 teams with highest ranking. These teams will have the opportunity to pitch their project for 7 minutes in front of all meetup attendees. Following the pitches we will open the demo session and every attending team (even the ones not participating in the Slam) will have the opportunity to exhibit their projects.
After about 2 hours of testing and demoing, the meetup participants will make a final poll to determine the overall winners of the evening who will receive a special price.

Find more details @

We would be happy to hear from you soon and to see your submissions!

Aron, Mario and Thumay from the Cologne VR Meetup Organization Team