Show network traffic?

I am new to replication land, after watch the tutorial series, I did a few things to do a multiplayer test.
In the process, it seems pretty hard to visualize what’s the impact of my BP replication implementation .
I tried to search on internet and see if there is a debug mode or something to show actual network traffic usage, both by frequency of update, and the bandwidth consumed. ( ie like ShowDebug NET, but shows info like 53 update/tick, U:120Bps, D:80Bps )

So far I can’t find anything that does this, maybe I used wrong keyword.
Hopefully there is already a console command for this, if not, I think it would be a really good addition to visualize how your design could be impacted by network performance.

Stat commend have series of monitoring tools, there “stat net” for network, but there ton of others just type stat and you will see have suggestions

There also profiler in in Session Frontend → Profiler, it allows you to capture massive number of statistics against function calls in code, so you can see what and how specific calls impact on variues statistics, it’s quite advance tool for optimizations, network related stats are in “Game” category

thanks for quick reply!