show mouse cursor problem

i put a coding in c++ for mouse cursor but it is not able but its run and compiled successfully
whats the problem for this?
and also in backside of UMG my game is running to pause that also otherwise after complete the full UMG it can work
put some solutions of this problem

Without any screenshots and/or code, we wont be able to really help you i fear.

Hey Karon,

You can show the mouse cursor by using your PlayerController class. There is a bool value you can set to true which will make the mouse cursor show.

As such:


YourPlayerController::YourPlayerController( )
    bShowMouseCursor = true;

i put that coding for my player controller but still its not working
i try some another coding also

bShowMouseCursor = false;
FInputModeUIOnly Mode;
    GetWorld()->GetFirstPlayerController()->bShowMouseCursor = true;

what can i do ?


maybe something is overriding bShowMousCursor and setting int back to false? Try to set
bShowMouseCursor = true in Tick function of your player controller.

thanks for reply

to put the event tick function for the player controller

            void AJacobPlayerController::Tick(float DeltaTime)
              bShowMouseCursor = true;